Center for Special Surgery collects an estimated patient balance due on the date of your scheduled surgical procedure. We will be in contact with you through letter and telephone to discuss this in detail once we have the necessary information from your surgeon's office.

This estimated patient balance will be calculated based on your insurance plan and how much you've currently met towards your deductible and maximum out of pocket.

Please note that you will receive separate charges for the following:

Physician’s Fee
Will be billed from your Physician’s office

Anesthesia Fee
Will be billed from Dr. David Hanson at ReNew Medical Clinic

Facility Fee
This includes the use of the facility, nursing staff, equipment and supplies. This will be billed directly from Center for Special Surgery.

Laboratory/Pathology Services
If applicable, will be billed from one of the local hospitals.

We will file your insurance claim when you provide us with complete and accurate insurance information. Your insurance company will be contacted to check if prior authorization is required for your procedure.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Business Office at 701.356.4770.